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Acoustic Guitars

20th Anniversary Brazilian Rosewood

To commemorate our 20th Anniversary, we are pleased to offer these two one-of-a-kind heirloom instruments featuring some of the rarest, most coveted tonewoods the world over.

Both guitars feature an exquisite bookmatched set of Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood, one of the rarest and most tightly controlled woods under the CITES international treaty.

The Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood back and side set used for these incredible instruments was recovered from a shipwreck off the coast of Brazil. The ship left Brazil in 1938 carrying a load of Brazilian Rosewood logs earmarked for furniture production and destined for Denmark when it went down. This amazing wood, remained at the bottom of the ocean until just a few years ago when a small amount of it was recovered.

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    US $10,000.00
  • US $10,000.00

Master Class Series

The Master Class series is the coveted apogee of the Prestige acoustic guitar lineup. With the combination of rare and exotic tonewoods, detailed craftsmanship and beautiful form, you can be sure the Master Class series will open ears and turn heads in an instant. We are excited to showcase new wood sets such as Torrefied Adirondack Spruce with Ziricote Back and Sides, Hawaiian Koa and Cocobolo, all featuring a Padauk beveled armrest for superior comfort and a beveled venetian cutaway for extended playability.

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    US $2,995.00
  • Out of stock Master Class Torrefied Spruce / Ziricote
    US $2,695.00
  • Out of stock Master Class Cocobolo
    US $2,695.00

Signature Series

The Prestige Signature Series features a masterpiece acoustic guitar designed by Prestige artist Devin Townsend.

Eclipse Series

The Prestige Eclipse Series features a Grand Auditorium body shape, with cutaway. The Grand Auditorium is tremendously versatile and equally suited to both finger picking and strumming. The Grand Auditorium is an ideal all around body shape.

  • Prestige Eclipse Spruce / Rosewood
    US $1,895.00
  • Prestige Eclipse Spruce / Mahogany
    US $1,595.00
  • Prestige Eclipse Hybrid Nylon
    US $2,249.00
  • Out of stock Prestige Eclipse Cedar / Rosewood
    US $1,895.00

Legacy Series

The Prestige Legacy Series features an Auditorium, OM or Dreadnought body shape. The OM, or Orchestra Model, is a slightly smaller bodied acoustic, with strong lower midrange and tremendously versatile dynamics. The Dreadnought body is one of the most popular styles. With a deep body, broad waist and a relatively small upper bout, it gives you the voice to cut through the mix.

  • Legacy Auditorium Spruce / Pau Ferro
    US $1,695.00
  • Legacy Dreadnought Spruce / Mahogany
    US $1,299.00
  • Prestige Legacy Dreadnought Spruce / Rosewood
    US $1,699.00
  • Out of stock Prestige Legacy OM Koa
    US $2,745.00
  • Prestige Legacy OM Mahogany
    US $1,299.00
  • Prestige Legacy OM Spruce / Mahogany
    US $1,595.00
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    US $1,745.00