Artist Spotlight – Quartered

Jeff WangWe are excited to announce that Jeff Wang – Lead guitarist for Quartered has recently joined the Prestige Guitars family. His guitar of choice is the Heritage Standard BK.

Quartered is a Canadian progressive hard rock band hailing from Vancouver, BC. After forming in 2004 the group spent five years building and expanding a fan base and touring locally throughout Western Canada. This beginning enabled Quartered to hone their craft and prepare for their biggest year yet during 2010.

2010 saw the band record their debut indie-label album, Walks Like A Ghost, at Mushroom studios in Vancouver with producer Ben Kaplan. The album was released through a continuing distribution deal with Thorny Bleeder Records. The year also saw the band travel to the Philippines in April for a two week long tour which included playing a set at the Pulp Summer Slam Festival alongside metal legends, Lamb of God and Testament, as well as their good friends from Filipino metal band, Slapshock. Finally, during the summer of 2010, Quartered embarked on their first nation-wide tour of Canada where the band travelled as far as Montreal over the month of July and was able to expose their music and further expand their fan base.

The group consists of vocalist Greg Williams, guitarists Todd Sanft and Jeff Wang, bassist Craig Rudder, and drummer Scott Miller. Together, these five musicians bring together a variety of influences to form the sound that is Quartered. Gutsy and genre-defying, the band combines melodic, experimental, and heavy music through the use of odd time signatures, hook-laden bridges, and solid in-your-face hardcore riffs.


With an album in hand and a series of tours under their belts, Quartered returned the Philippines for a month long tour in July of 2011 and plans to continue touring Canada for the remainder of the year. 2012 will see the band embark on a tour of the United States and Canada as well as another return to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

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