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Coil Splitting Your Humbucker Pickup

prestige-pickupHave you ever wanted to make the Humbucker pickup on your guitar have the sound capability of a single coil?

This can be achieved by coil splitting your pickups
A coil tap is the process of temporarily converting a humbucker to a single coil pickup. This is quite simple to achieve and will give your guitar more sound options.

Coil splitting is great for gigging guitarists who need to switch quickly between humbucker and single coil pickup sounds. If one song with a humbucker sound comes to an end and the next one calls for single coil, you can easily switch without changing guitars. Coil splitting gives your humbucker guitar a lot more sound options.

To get a single coil sound by using only one of your humbucker pickups, coil tap the lead humbucker. Splitting the bridge and neck pickup to a single coil can get you a Telecaster style sound. To achieve this both bridge and neck pickups would have to be used together. To engage the coil split on your pickups a toggle switch needs to be placed on the guitar. To eliminate the need to drill a new hole and add a coil tap switch, add a push/pull pot to one of your tone or volume knobs.

For more sound options you can try coil splitting several pickups on your guitar if you have a 5-way selector switch. You can combine a split pickup with non-split pickups to get different sounds.

If you’re interested in coil splitting your pickups we recommend you have a professional tech do the job. Ask about coil tapping on your next purchase of a Prestige Guitar.

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