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Welcome to the Custom Shop

Est. 2023 || Vancouver Canada

The Prestige Custom Shop represents the culmination of the past 20 years building world class instruments.

This is where visionary art, master craftsmanship and exquisite tonewood meet. Our team captures the essence of these instruments, showcasing exceptional attention to detail and skilled artistry.

Every guitar leaving our facility is crafted utilizing the highest quality materials and components available. Whether you choose one of our builder creations or building your dream guitar; our team of Master Builders approach each guitar as a unique creation. A one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is equally a family heirloom as it is a musician’s tool.

The Custom Shop is located in Vancouver, Canada where we build each guitar from the ground up. Factory tours are available year-round to inspire your build and to meet with the Master Builders. If you’re interested in a Factory Tour, contact us here to schedule one in.

The process starts with our obsession in sourcing the top tonewood available. Our wood library houses a collection that is 20 years in the making.

Everything from Brazilian Rosewood to Cocobolo; Ziricote to Snakewood; Hawaiian KOA to Zebrawood has been painstakingly curated. Oh, and did we mention Maple?! Being situated in the Pacific Northwest; we are fortunate to have access to the highest grade figured maple – right in our back yard. A quick look through our guitars will show many of them featuring highly figured Flame, Quilt, Spalt and Burl maple tops for this very reason.

The photos below showcase some of our most popular wood offerings.

Top Wood Selection

Flame Maple

Spalted Maple

Quilted Maple

Burl Maple

Zebra Wood

Pau Ferro

Flame Walnut

Hawaiian Koa

Body Wood Selection


Swamp Ash

Black Limba

Inlay Selection

Premier Inlay

Elite Inlay

Offset Halo Inlay

Centered Halo Inlay

Offset Dot Inlay

Centered Dot Inlay

Finish Selection

The possibilities for finish are endless!
Here are just a few of the finishes that have been produced at our custom shop.

Gloss Natural

Satin Natural

Black Smoke

Blue Oasis

Tigers Eye Burst

Aqua Burst

Blue Burst

Vintage Burst

Satin Open Pore Black Burst

Fire Red Burst

Cobra Burst

Pelham Blue

Charcoal Burst

Army Green

Lemon Burst

Red Burst

Satin Shell Pink


As part of our commitment to you, we build guitars with the player in mind. We strive to raise the bar and continually outdo ourselves with the guitars that bear our name. Our passion and dedication to our craft can be found in every instrument leaving our shop.