Eclipse Series

The Prestige Eclipse Series feature a Grand Auditorium body shape, with cutaway. The Grand Auditorium is tremendously versatile and equally suited to both finger picking and strumming. The GA is an ideal all around body shape.

The Eclipse Cedar Rosewood produces the warmest and richest tone of all four combos in our line, with the combination of solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, and solid Cedar top. Cedar is a much softer wood, which is the characteristic responsible for producing such warmth. By coupling the Cedar top with Rose- wood back and sides, we can tap into the best qualities that Cedar has to offer and enhance them with the outstanding crispness and extended tonal range of the Rosewood. Cedar has the unique ability to make quieter tones louder, but there is an upper volume limit to the wood. The Cedar Rosewood is ideal for finger picking with the ability to amplify subtle notes with added warmth.