Eclipse Series

The Prestige Eclipse Series feature a Grand Auditorium body shape, with cutaway. The Grand Auditorium is tremendously versatile and equally suited to both finger picking and strumming. The GA is an ideal all around body shape.

Hawaiian koa grows only between the 300 and 7,000-foot elevations on Hawaii’s five major islands (the finest instrument-quality koa trees grow on the Big Island). Like a precious metal, koa’s desirability is linked to its relative scarcity, but its aesthetic appeal makes it irresistible to lovers of exotic tonewoods. Koa exhibits a wide range of warm brown hues, often accentuated by exciting grain figure. A hard, dense wood, koa produces a tone somewhere between that of maple and rosewood. This rare and exotic tonewood is prized for its stunning golden hues, bold grain figure, and sweet tone.

The Eclipse KOA is the flagship in the Prestige Eclipse line. Featuring a striking solid Koa top, back and sides, the Eclipse KOA maintains a completely unique tonal range, best described as an even blend of Mahogany and Maple. Koa is an exotic, tropical wood, with a much higher density than many of the other commonly used tonewoods. Plenty of midrange stacking coupled with brightness and top end punch. Top end notes seem to sparkle. Over time Koa will open up and the midrange comes into its own, developing a very well balanced resonance. The Koa would be a great selection for both strummers and fingerpickers alike.