How long has Prestige been around?

Since 2003

Where is Prestige Guitars based?

We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Where are your guitars built?

The build is carried out in 3 steps between Canada and South Korea. The initial phase is carried out in Vancouver, BC, middle phase at our partner facility in South Korea, and final phase back out our shop in Vancouver.

Why go to all that trouble? Wouldn’t it be easier/cheaper to build the guitars completely in Canada?

Believe it or not, it is far cheaper to produce our guitars with the manufacturing platform that we employ and our production timeline does not suffer and we are able to build guitars that are Custom Shop quality, straight off the rack, with a price point that most can afford. The craftsmanship of our partner facility in South Korea is second to none and without question, one of the top manufacturers in the world today. Combined with our luthiers in Canada, we feel that we have built with one the best production teams and platforms you can imagine.

Do you offer endorsements?

You bet! Our roster is ever growing. If you think you’ve got what it takes for a Prestige endorsement…drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to consider it.

Do you ship direct?

If you do not have a dealer located within 30 miles of your home, we will be more than happy to take care of you ourselves and will ship directly to your door. If there is a dealer nearby, then we will direct you over to them. You can check our Dealer locator here: ….. and if there is not a Dealer nearby, give us a call at 1-877-398-8111 or drop us a line at

Is there a dealer near me?

Check out our Dealer locator here to find out:

Why isn’t there a dealer in my area?

That’s a good question! There should be right??!! Go visit that local dealer and let them know about us so we can change that.

What do I do if there isn’t a dealer in my area?

Give us a call at 1-877-398-8111 or drop us a line at and we will look after you ourselves.

Electric Guitar FAQ

What kind of wood do you use in your solidbody guitars?

All of our solid body guitars, start with a solid mahogany body, and a ¾” solid maple cap, which is then carved into it’s final shape by CNC machine.

How much do your solidbody guitars weigh?

They range from approximately 7lbs up to 9.5lbs.

What is the nut width on your electric guitars?

1 11/16th” nut width.

What type of nut do you use on your electrics?

We use a GraphTech TUSQ XL Nut on our electrics.

What size are the frets on your electrics?

Modern Jumbo.

What type of pots do you use?

We use 500k Alpha pots.

Can I get my guitar coil split?

We can coil split any of our humbucker models, for a nominal fee.

Do you channel or chamber your solidbody guitars?

Not a chance. One of the key elements in our guitars’ sound and resonance are the solid, non-chambered bodies.

What kind of wood do you use in your semihollow electric guitars?

The majority of our semihollow electrics are made out of multi-ply maple laminate, with a channeled maple center block. This excludes our “Heritage Hollow” model, which is built from solid, carved, maple and mahogany and is a true hollowbody.

Are your electric guitar necks “Bolt-on” or “Set-neck”?

All of our current production model guitars, are set-neck designs and the necks are “long-tenon”, which means that the neck extends well into the body.

What kind of wood do you use for your necks?

Our electric necks are all made of solid mahogany, which is split into 3 pieces lengthwise, with the center piece reverse grained for greater strength and stability. We do not use any neck or heel glue, or scarf joints, which we consider cutting corners.

What shape are your necks?

We use a C-Shape profile, with a 14” radius on our electrics.

What kind of pickups do you use in your electric guitars?

Our Production model electrics, all feature real Seymour Duncan pickups. Seymour Duncan pickups rock…plain and simple.

What type of tuners do you use on your electric guitars?

Our electric guitars feature Grover Tuners, specifically 18:1 Mini Rotomatics.

What type of bridge and saddle do you use on your electrics?

Tone Pros.

Are your Bigsby tailpieces “Licensed” or the real deal Bigsby USA?

We only use real deal, Bigsby USA tailpieces on Prestige Guitars.

Acoustic Guitar FAQ

Are your acoustic guitars made out of solid wood?

We use solid, hand selected wood throughout our entire acoustic line. We don’t use any laminate whatsoever.

What is the bracing in your acoustics made of?

Adirondack Spruce.

What type of spruce tops do you use in your acoustics?

Sitka Spruce.

What is the nut width on your acoustic guitars?

1.8” nut width.

What type of nut do you use on your acoustics?

We use a bone nut and saddle on our acoustics.

What kind of wood do you use for your acoustic guitar necks?

Our acoustic guitar necks are all one piece, solid Khaya mahogany.

Do your acoustics come with a pickup?

All of our acoustics are available with either a Fishman or LR Baggs pickup for an additional fee.

What type of tuners do you use on your acoustic guitars?

Our acoustic guitars feature Gotoh 21:1 tuners.