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Feature Review – Heritage Standard

Heritage StandardYour continued support of our product is what motivates us to keep doing what we do best: Bringing you the ultimate in custom quality guitars right off the rack.

As your reviews keep pouring in, we will hand select one review to showcase in our quarterly newsletter. The person who’s review we select to feature will receive a Prestige Gift Pack.

This month, we are pleased to bring you a review of the Heritage Standard guitar posted by Keith Rodgers of Dover, Hew Hampshire. Thank you for the support Keith.

Feature Review:
Heritage Standard

By Keith Rodgers

I am not sure where to start with my story/review of this guitar, so let me provide you with some background. Prior to the purchase of this guitar, I had been playing Ibanez RG series guitars, they are a relatively inexpensive line and not too bad for the money. Unfortunately I felt that there was something lacking in the overall package. The feel of the neck was not quite right, the tone was thin, and sustain was just not up to par for me. That lead me to wanting a Les Paul style of guitar, mahogany, heavy, and a set neck. I spent 8 weeks going from guitar shop to guitar shop trying to find that special feel. I played guitars from PRS, Gibson, Epiphone and numerous other brands. I couldn’t affort a PRS or a Gibson custom (few can) the Epiphone didn’t have the buid quality I wanted, and I was afraid that once again I would have to settle.

I cannot begin to say enough good stuff about the Prestige Heritage Standard.

A buddy of mine already owned one of these guitars, and he let me borrow it for a couple days, I fell in love with the thing instantly…… it was time I made the purchase for myself.

I can not begin to say enough good stuff about the Prestige Heritage Standard. The guitar shines in all aspects from build quality, to a stunning finish, and parts that are usually only reserved for guitars costing far more than what I paid.

Lets start off with playability. This guitar is easy to play, the action is perfect, not to high, and not to low, its as if the engineers knew exactly where I wanted my string height to be set. Your fingers can move freely across the fret board, there is room for some pretty crazy bending, but still plenty low to get great speed. The frets are finished nicely as well, your fingers do not get hung up on them and there is no buzzing. The neck contour is fabulous, I have an average sized hand, and I can play this thing for hours with out the slightest bit of strain or tension in my hand. From the box, I felt like the high gloss neck was a little grabby, but after playing it for a couple of days, that quickly went away, and now she feels smooth as glass.

The hardware on this guitar really impresses me. The thing stays in tune!!!! I play hard and do a lot of drop tunings with agressive styles of music, I never have to tune. As a matter of fact, this guitar was on a truck for 7 days and 4000 miles before it was in my hands, and it was in perfect tune from the box. I have not had to make any adjustments on string height and intonation, but it would be easy if necessary, the hardware is of great quality, and easily accessible.

IMO, this guitar has amazing tone, volume, warmth and sustain. The SD pickup combo gives you the ability to cover many types of music. In the neck position I can get some great bluesy sounds and accoustic simulation, in the bridge she is a beast! Unlike the lesser quality guitars I have owned the tone and volume knobs on this rig really do change the sound and tone of the guitar. Its versatility like I have never owned before, and oh, I only had to pay a marginal amount more that was I use to be willing to spend on a guitar.

This guitar has amazing tone, volume, warmth and sustain.

What gets me most about the Heritage is the body wood. One of my passions is wood working. It would have taken me months and months to select, build and finish a guitar as stunning as the one I received. The depth and gloss of the finish is fabulous, it looks like you could dive right into the wood. I have received many compliments on the beauty of this rig. I was at my local guitar shop with it the other day testing amps, and random people approached me on how beautiful it is. All wanted to known what brand it was, how much it cost, and where to get one.

I can’t say anything bad about the guitar…….I mean I like to play heavy strings and this came with a set of 10’s so its a real stretch to be negative. I hope nothing ever happens to this guitar, if it did I would replace it with the exact same thing. I like it so much that I WILL be getting another one before the end of 2009.


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