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Prestige Classic
by Scott Lirette

I have owned a lot of guitars in the 45 years I’ve been playing, but I have to say this is the best guitar I have ever bought at this kind of price. I am not going to say it can compare the the hand made custom built $3600.00 Melancon I am playing on, but I can’t believe it blows away the Les Pauls’, SG’s. PRSs’, and other guitars you find in nicer music stores.

I am not talking about their bottom end guitars either. This is a remarkable guitar in every way. Mow I did adjust the set up a little, I did work for Gerard Melancon building his fine guitars and I learned all I could from him while I was there. This guitar plays better than guitars costing literally thousands of dollars more. And I can promise you I am not getting paid to say this, and I wouldn’t try to promote a guitar unless I really believed in it. I thought I was buying a carry around guitar not to damage my “GOOD” guitar. Was I blown away. This is truly a players guitar in every way.

I would not hesitate to use use it live and know I would have every confidence in it. The tone is very is pleasing, though I have to confess the $250.00 Tom Holmes humbucker in the bridge of my other guitar is more to my liking, how can you begin to not like the S.D. in this guitar. Now the feel in finish. The finish on this guitar is beautiful. The flamed maple top is to die for. The neck is very comfortable, and does not take long to adjust to. I know people might be skeptical, I was taking a chance, so I thought, buying something I hadn’t played, which is something I have never done before, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the hollow if I had the money. For anyone who is looking for a really good guitar and doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, here is your answer. PRESTIGE GUITARS!

Prestige Heritage Standard
by Craig Chapman

I traded in a high range Carvin for this beauty and suddenly learned what my Line6 Bogner Spider Valve amp could do. This guitar has all the snarl and crunch needed for some good time rocking.

I play mostly rhythm guitar in UK rock band Tara’s Secret and have searched high and low for a guitar that holds up my end of the guitar sounds in our band. I needed flexibility of tone, plenty of crunching power and a singing lead tone for both Slash and Joe Walsh style soloing. Its taken a few brands and styles of guitars (of all budgets) to get there, but this Prestige beasty is here to stay.

It also really says something when the other band members keep looking over in my direction with that YYYESSSS look on their faces !!

Playing the JB humbucker on 10 needs a health warning and if you like to ease back into classic Gibson territory, then wind back to about 8. Ease back further to 5-6 and that full Matchbox Twenty cleanish chord sound just breezes out of the amp, plenty of full tone, but less bite on the drive.

I have played this guitar live a few times now and its a beast, I can’t wait to get into the studio with it now.

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