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Heritage Elite Guitar Gear Review

Prestige Heritage Elite – Lite Sunburst

You gotta love Canada. You just gotta. In addition to being the country that brought us my favorite sport, hockey (Go Sharks!), Canada is now raising the attention of guitarists. The first Canadian manufacturer that caught my attention was Godin guitars. I first played a Godin at a local shop, and was really impressed by them.

But I recently caught wind of another Canadian manufacturer

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  1. I’ve owned and played high end Guilds and Gibsons, D’Angelico, Gretsch and lesser quality electrics. Currently have Gibson Country Gentleman, Gretsch Country Classic Jr. and a Greg Bennett Samick. I’m am going to get rid of everything but the Gibson. I want a hollowbody guitar that is not a monster to hold. I don’t use overdrive so everything is clean. I was looking at an Ibanez AG95, AS93 and an Epiphone Swingster un til I found this guitar. I’ve listened to numerous clips of each – don’t live near music center that carries any of them – and read everything I can find. Right now I’m looking at the Ibanez AG95 and the Prestige. Both are smaller, both are hollowbody and both get very good ratings. I don’t play in a band – all at home and with friends. Prestige was a new name to me but reviews are good. It looks great but did they put money into abalone that should have gone into a quality guitar?

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