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  julien jorgensen
Julien Jorgensen - Rev Theory
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Todd Kerns
  cory churko
Cory Churko - Kelly Clarkson
"It would be 2 more years of cutting our teeth in the New York and going on some small regional tours until we quit our jobs, bought a van and hit the road fulltime." Read More...
"Having a signature guitar is not something I take lightly and this is the guitar they will bury me with." Read More...
My first gig was when I was 7. I didn’t do anything except sing Ben by Michael Jackson. Read More...

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Pedal Junkie?

  guitar frets
Repairing and Replacing Frets on Guitars by Marguerite Pastella
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Your continued support of our product is what motivates us to keep doing what we do best:
  article 3
Are you a pedal Junkie? by Trent Sulter + History of 5 most popular pedals.
Fret wire comes in a variety of sizes. While it is essential to choose wire with the appropriate fret tang width for proper fret slot compression, players can choose from a variety of fret crown widths and heights. Read More...
Bringing you the ultimate in custom quality guitars right off the rack. As your reviews keep pouring in, we will hand select one review to showcase in our quarterly newsletter. The person who's review we select to feature will receive a Prestige Gift Pack.

This month, we are pleased to bring you a review of the Heritage Standard guitar posted by Keith Rodgers of Dover, Hew Hampshire. Thank you for the support Keith. Read More...

Modern day boutique pedal builders have certainly contributed to our incurable P.A.S by building some of the finest and most advanced pedals in history. Many of today’s pedals are certainly based on respected traditional vintage designs and concepts, but utilize incredible advancements in modern day circuit technology Read More...
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