The NYS Deluxe is the hot-rodded, rockabilly big brother of the NYS Standard. Single cutaway, bound F-Holes, arched maple top and back, and a solid maple center block for increased sustain and reduced feedback. Piles of midrange punch in the NYS Deluxe allow you to cover anything in the rock spectrum without an ounce of trouble. Dial it back to let those warm, clear jazz and blues notes ring out. A pair of Seymour Duncan alnico P90’s enhance the vintage feel of this guitar. Smooth and glassy, while round and warm in the mids but with plenty of extra bite and snarl when you want it. The “Deluxe” comes in both metallic gold or metallic charcoal finish, TonePros Locking Bridge with Roller saddles, and a US Bigsby B7 vibrato. The NYS Deluxe is a dazzling, rock machine.